Sunday, August 14, 2011

Chicago, IL: August 2011

Last weekend, A and I visited Chicago to attend a friend's wedding and spend time with our good friends, Puja and Tanay, whom we met during our time in Seattle.  We flew in Friday night, rented a car and headed straight to Puja's condo in downtown Chicago.  After freshening up and splitting a bottle of yummy Washington state red wine, we went to Hubbard Inn for dinner and more drinks.  There I feel in love with a drink by the name of Moscow Mule, which consisted of ginger beer + vodka + lime juice.  Absolutely perfect!  I was hoping to make this drink this weekend. 

On Saturday morning, A and I headed to the suburbs to attend our friend Sachin's wedding to Shila.  The groom and their friends danced their way to the wedding hall to greet Shila's family.  In between the wedding and reception we ventured out to the local theatre to watch Crazy, Stupid Love.  We rarely get out to watch movies back home so this was a real treat!  The reception was filled with great music, food and dancing!

Sachin with his sister

the groom


groom and me!

my hubby, A

On Sunday morning we woke up to torrential rainstorms but cleared up by the time we left to head back to the city.  On the way we stopped by Dunkin Donuts for a few munchkins and coffee.  For lunch we headed to Lou Malnati's for some awesome deep dish pizza and a few beers. After lunch we walked over to the Bean and Millennium Park.  We wandered around some more until heading back to Tanay's after hearing about a way delayed flight!  Fun times in Chicago, can't wait to go back!

about to grub on deepdishpizza

the bean!

the bean

fun park in the middle of downtown!

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